Who we are

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About Sense Vision

Our company, although young on the market, brings a team with over 10 years of experience in consulting in various fields. The domains that make up our activity are those of European funding programs, programs funded by the national budget (De minimis aid, Start-up Nation etc.), public sector consultancy and business consulting at national and international level .

Our team is defined by :

Professionalism, Rightness, Responsibility, Maximum involvement in the projects.All the services we offer hold our fingerprint, the imprint of an experienced young team of specialists in various fields.The experience gained in consulting, management and business, successful design and implementation, makes us self-confident and eager to support potential customers in order to get the desired results from our clients.

Vision and mission

Our mission is to ensure customer success through innovative ideas and sustainable projects, playing an important role in supporting the business environment.

Our vision is driven by the desire to offer our clients the opportunity to operate in a high-performing environment on an international market through solutions provided by a team of young and visionary specialists.